Friday, March 28, 2014

does superman do drugs

does superman do drugs?

there are many questions still left un anwsared in the would and one comes to mind does superman do drugs?

wow boy take it easy dont go to hard on that stuff as many of us wounder what it would be like to be super have power that comes from another planet flying through the air with aliens and your cousin and your dog but we have something special today we talk a bout action comics #454

geting the munchies is one thing but superman takes it to the next level after a day of work superman need to recharge this powers 

where could this power hungery alien go well same place any junky would go to get their fix the local street corner dealer to by some kryptonite to restore his powers 

after geting his fix and attacking a tree he goes to his local Mactavish's to get some hambugers after all he is full energy and has the munchies
 to find a way to use it mowing down 60 burgers a minute 

back at the office jimmy takes the lie serum clark left him to fool the cops to get the heat off of superman he dinks the lie serum to help trick the lie detector and deal with guys coming on jimmy and clarks turf

after takeing the serum he finds out some unique about the lie serum 

mean wile supeman is working in the meth lab jimmy was able to get the the heat off but is mad at clark for not telling him the truth about the serum 

the guys trying to take over get in a fight with jimmy wile superman takes care of the evidence before the cops get there

jimmy is able to get the cops the arest the crooks useing the lie serum to convince the cops clark is not superman clark has one bad headache

after a long night jimmy and clark have cleared up and are friends
 again when jimmy ask clark if he would like a hambuger clark said


    winners dont do drugs unless your superman

        goku dont like needles goku dont like drugs

1+ and tell others that drugs are not the way to win